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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Guest Cristal Ryder

Today I welcome guest author Cristal Ryder:

1.)    What is your all-time best Christmas memory?
Wow, how do you pick one? I had to close my eyes, blank out my brain and let the first thing come to my mind. It was…….I couldn’t do it. Rats. One Christmas when the family was still ‘intact’ we had everyone to our house in the country. A beautiful snow fell all Christmas Eve Day. That night we all went outside to to take the horses their Christmas treat. It was a brilliant night, stars shining in the velvety sky and the snow sparkled like diamonds were cast upon it (I have used this image in a few stories) It was a magical night and I remember it fondly.

2.)    As an adult, what is your favorite part of December?
Decorating, baking, having company and putting Elliot the Elf up. It was a folk art piece I painted when my boys were little. An advent calendar and until Elliot was on the mantle it didn’t feel like Christmas.

3.)    Favorite Christmas movie, and why?
The classics – It’s A Wonderful Life, White Christmas, because they don’t make movies like they used to.
And the staple – Christmas Vacation, because it slays me each year. I know what’s coming, it still kills me.

4.)    Why did you choose this book for the holiday bash OR why did you write this book?
I chose Being Ariana because it is my most recent release with Lyrical Press and the sequel Being Bound is scheduled for release February 20. I do love these two stories and hope Being Ariana finds its way into some stockings hanging by the fire.

Cristal Ryder

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