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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Weview

Sorry, now I've got a particular character from Blazing Saddles stuck in my head...

Anyway. As promised, I'm ready to review Boy Meets Girl, by Meg Cabot.

Yes. I give it a hearty 2 thumbs up, 5 stars, erm... what was the Piper Patter book review highest honors? Oh yeah. Get Your Own Copy. Yeah, that.

This book is so much fun! As mentioned Monday, it's written with zero narrative, entirely of IMs, emails, voice mails (texting wasn't huge when this book came out, 2004ish). This makes it superfast to read, and chock full of character voice, quirks, and snark. I giggled very much. (really, though, I can kind of see why it's hard to track down these types of books in ebook--with all the special formatting involved, it'd be pretty hard to put out a readable version)

The romance is fun, with endearing H and h, both of whom have many reasons to mistrust/dislike the other. And the "bad guys"? A couple who are so utterly despisable (is that a word, or is this what despicable is supposed to replace?), their emails made me wrinkle my nose and hold the book away, in an effort to ward off their stinky snottiness. In other words, they are perfect for each other. LOL

What are you waiting for? Go read it, already. :)

Autumn Piper
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