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Thursday, September 1, 2011

There oughtta be a genre

What will be the "next hot thing" in publishing?

People are talking about knit lit. People are grumbling about vampires, wondering when their popularity will die. (as my friend Sutton pointed out to me, vampires probably won't die--they are undead. LOL) Readers still argue about chick lit: is it over, or is it alive and kicking, or perhaps living under an alias? One thing is for certain: Genres with a bit of alliteration or rhyme in their name tend to flare in popularity.

So here are some Next Hot Thing possibilities--I'll be watching the inbox for these:

  • Fit Lit: All about people into fitness. Perhaps they work in health clubs, teach workout classes, or are just really into being in shape. (I'm guessing the H and h will often be wearing Spandex on these covers) Think Love at Bally's, 24-Hour Romance, Bench Press My Heart
  • Twit Lit: Stories about men and women who aren't the brightest bulbs on the block(aka dumbasses), but find true love with similar souls. Think I Forgot my PIN, But I Can't Forget You;
  • Sit Lit: Stories about coach potatoes who find love online. She's watching child birth stories on Discovery Health while surfing; he's on a break from Age of Empires while the kid in Singapore he's playing with eats his dinner, and his basement-dwelling friend in Canada has to run an errand for his mother. He logs on to all 3 dating sites he's registered with, sees her profile, and Bam! something clicks (well, something besides her peripheral mouse and his Playstation controller)
  • Sick Lit: About those who are perpetually ill, and hypochondriacs. Think Who Needs Sucrets When We Can Make Out?, Heart Aches and Pains, Love Me Like Tiger Balm
  • Wit Lit: Romances involving comedians (sexier ones than on Seinfeld, I hope). Think Tough Crowd, Hot Sex and My Love is No Joke. Expect some wonderful one-liners in the proposals from these heroes.
  • Pit Lit: Tales of those who work in the pit at car races. These people deal with speed, power, risk... and a nice bonus for a win. Besides, what could be sexier than coveralls and strategic oil smudges? Strip My Tires, Check My Oil and Heart Torque
  • Mitt Lit: Even though pretty much any player with an ounce of cool says "glove" and not "mitt" (and this is one genre I could totally get into--I'd love to read these)... Stories about baseball players, their managers, coaches, etc. Yum. I probably shouldn't even get started on mock-up titles--way too much fodder for bad puns. This one might really have a market--look how many baseball movies are out there!
  • Kick Lit: How about a series based in a country bar? Cowboys, beer, shots of whiskey, line dancin', cowboys... it's a recipe for short-term love, at the very least. Did I mention cowboys?
Okay, that should be enough suggestions to get some wheels turning in the industry. Thank me later, when bookshelves are chock full of books with covers featuring a honky-tonk, a baseball diamond, or a weight machine.

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy! (so are cowboys) (and baseball players) (what if there was a baseball player who rodeo'd in the offseason? Oh lord, I need to get writing again)


Sutton Fox said...

ROFL!!! Can't decide which one I like best. Will most likely link this one.

You rock.

Aubrie said...

Very funny! I'm sure I can write in any of those genres!