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Monday, September 26, 2011

Interview with Lux Zakari

*insert Special Guest music*

Do I have Special Guest music? Well, anyway... today's feature is an interview with authorosa fabulosa, Lux Zakari:

1. What do you like most about writing erotica, and why?

I like that when I write about sex, it feels deserved. I want the scene to be both hot and like nothing else is more important, like the characters’ whole lives were leading up to this one moment. (And, because I am the boss of them, that is the case!) I enjoy creating intense relationships and having them culminate in a satisfying payoff. Doing so also allows me to get creative with ideas I may not have found sexy before, but now they absolutely are.

2. Conversely, what do you hate most about writing erotica/being an erotica author?

Ooh, I enjoy this question! The thing I hate the most about being an erotica author is that I often feel I can’t admit to most people what I write about and, subsequently, that I have a few published works under belt, which is a great achievement and I’m very proud of that. Children’s authors have it easy! I, on the other hand, never know how people will react, with all the writing about erogenous zones I do. I know personally that if I met someone or was interviewing someone for a job and he or she said they wrote erotica novels in their spare time, I’d be all, “Tell me more, tell me more, didja get very far?” and clamoring for details. But I know not everyone’s like that. Some are fainter of heart.

3. Do you think any stereotypes about romance writers or readers are true?

I’m not even sure what stereotypes of romance writers exist! I can’t even begin to suppose. I will say no, because I enjoy romance stories and feel that I am as weird as they come. (Or are romance writers/readers weird as they come? I don’t know!)

4. Finale doesn’t look like the typical romance. (HEA?) Was it a big deviation from your “usual” work?

Finale is definitely not the typical romance. I consider it an unconventional love story, with stress on “unconventional,” considering the story opens with the hero being dead. (On that note, I should probably clarify that there is zero necrophilia in this story! There is not that much stress on “unconventional.”)

As for it being a deviation from my usual work, I don’t think that I yet have usual work for myself. Coercion was my first novel, and it was both erotic and dark, and I suppose that did set a standard for what my future work would be like. However, Finale is definitely a departure from that; I think readers will be surprised at the differences between the two stories. Two other stories of mine that are in pre-publication deviate even further. I hope that readers will associate my work with not any kind of presumption of a plot, but rather that the story will be sexy, funny and intriguing. I’d like my readers to expect not knowing what to expect!

5. If you had it to do over, would you start your writing career differently?

Not at all. I worked hard to get where I am, and actually, I don’t really consider myself truly anywhere yet! I think I’m still at the start of it. There is more to come.

6. Any advice for new/unpublished writers?

Actively seek opportunities that grant you and your writing exposure; you never know where one of those opportunities will lead. For example, writing articles for a local paper may seem far from your dreams of being a famous novelist, but it isn’t. You’re improving your writing, padding your resume and making contacts – people who know other people, who may have other opportunities for you. Wedge that foot of yours in the door. Use social media to make friends with other authors; bounce ideas off each other and don’t be shy about asking for advice. Most of the time, people are happy to help.

Thanks, Lux! You've been awesome. (and now I have that song from Grease in my head for the day, LOL)

Readers, check out Finale, or learn more about Lux at

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!


Sutton Fox said...

Fun interview! Love the cover. Looks like another title has ht my TBR file. *sigh* In a good way. lol. Thank you both.

Lux Zakari said...

Thanks for interviewing me, Piper!


Tara Lain said...

Great interview, Lux. Boy do i agree about the downsides of writing erotic romance. LOL I hate that there are certain people i just don't tell. I'm proud of my books and want to tell everybody!
: )

Naomi Bellina said...

Sometimes I tell people I write erotice romance JUST to see the look on their face! Surprisingly, to me anyway, a lot of people are open to hearing more and don't run away shrieking. If we write it, they will read it.

Lux Zakari said...

Naomi, Tara, I agree! Some people I actually look forward to telling, and then sometimes people I was hesitant to tell turned out to be the most fascinated. The world is a surprising place, and what a beautiful thing that is!