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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


After 2 weeks of wondering (worrying), last night I was able--thanks to an ingenious friend who knows ever so much more about computers than I--to retrieve data from my Dead Dell.

And the beauty of it is, now that Dell's harddrive is installed in the drive enclosure, I can plug it into my USB port anytime I want something from it. First thing I copied off it was a selection of books I'd started writing now and then but hadn't done much with, including the one that was going quite well at the time of Dell's untimely death.

Now. If I can somehow bust into the Windows Mail program on it, my week will be complete. Convincing iTunes that computer is now defunct and I have a new one to "authorize" would be a nice bonus, too....although that's a project for the holiday break, I believe.

Autumn Piper
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