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Monday, December 13, 2010

Playing favorites

Today's post is on a topic we'll all be sick of in about 2 weeks--Christmas songs.

I recently had the privilege of seeing the choir perform at the elementary school where I'm subbing, and left impressed (if a bit teary-eyed). Christmas songs sung by kids are the best, in my opinion. And I cannot hear them sing "Silent Night" without the waterworks coming on. But why? I'm not sure--gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Lord knows I heard enough renditions of it when I was a kid myself. I always got stuck sitting in a corner of the music room with a book while the other kids practiced their holiday music (a religious thing). For whatever reason, I tear up whenever I hear little voices in that song. And the cutest Christmas song by kids? Easily "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". I probably developed that partiality when my son's kindergarten class sang it. Oops, more tears!

Ahem. Now, my all-time favorite, guaranteed-to-make-me-dance, or at least torso-dance-if-I'm driving, is "Feliz Navidad". So upbeat and fun. My head is bobbing now as I hum it.

What's your favorite Christmas song?

Autumn Piper
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Tory M said...

Technically, there are two, but not really since one is based on the other.

Carol of the Bells
Christmas Eve in Sarajevo (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

For some reason CotB just really, er, strikes a chord in me and once I got over the arrangement of it by TSO, couldn't help but adore CEiS too.