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Friday, August 20, 2010

Toy Story Tears

So I have this friend who bawled like a baby while watching Toy Story 3, and was a bit embarrassed (OK, ridicule from the family does matter sometimes)... from the point where Andy's room is all empty and he's ready to head out...basically for the rest of the program. Wow. Who'd've expected a Toy Story movie to be so poignant? (or so my friend says!)

And now I'm on a mission because I've discussed it with a couple of other moms and found out they cried too. Like my friend. Anyway. Any other moms get all verklempt? Is it a full-on mom thing? A woman thing? Or maybe just for moms of older kids (my oldest is a freshman this year and I was feelin' it pretty hard the weekend we went to see this movie, just a week before school started). Was it a knuckle-away the tears type, or a real gusher? For me, my eyes ran like they did for Steel Magnolias. Quite a mess. (I did hear of one girl/young woman who was going off to college this year, who cried too!)

Let me know if it got to ya.

Autumn Piper

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India Drummond said...

I haven't seen Toy Story 3, but I will tell ya I cried at Where The Wild Things Are! I didn't expect it either, because the children's book was so sweet and charming, while the movie was very emotional!