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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In my element

Today is the first real "lesson" for my reading class in this sub assignment. So last night I hauled home all the materials and studied up to prepare. God knows, I've had some days of scratching my head and wondering how the heck to teach some other lessons (math).

So I crack open the teacher guide and start sticking stickies and penciling asterisks and go zinging through the entire lesson, totally envisioning how it'll go and close the section feeling excited about it. And then I wondered... I've only had this group of kids for 1 day so far, and yet I feel much more confident about this session than my others. Isn't that weird.

Well, no. Remember I said "math"? Yep. While I totally "get" the concepts I'm teaching, math frustrates me. You teach it and explain it and then somebody doesn't quite grasp it that way, so you try to explain a different way, and then you think everybody might have it, but then there's a kid with glassy eyes shaking his head in confusion so you start over with a different tack, and then everybody still doesn't have it.... But for me, reading and comprehension is like one long conversation with the kids and I have no problem communicating with them. No need to try different methods for them to grasp. As long as we've got English, we've got communication. This is good!

I guess in the end, I'm a words person. (with only 3 more days of this math job after today. yayy!)

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