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Thursday, August 12, 2010

In a perfect world...

(Another segment I haven't utilized in a while.)

I like champagne. Very much. Problem is, I can't exactly put away an entire bottle, and even the re-corkable ones end up going fairly flat by the next time you want some bubbly. Sooo.

I propose that in a perfect world... we'd be able to purchase Champagne Singles. Or smaller bottles in a 4-or-6-pack. Just enough to enjoy and get a fun buzz, without the waste.

Investors, are you lining up to get in on this yet?

Piper Denna

Romance is sexy! (as is champagne)


Maya said...

Hah, that's why you need to come and live in England. We hasss two-glassers! We has the 4-pack and the 6-pack. Also very nice for picnics, dahhhling! You can probably tell, I like champers too!

Sutton Fox said...

We do have them. It's a quarter bottle and it's called a 'split'. They aren't common in ordinary liquor stores, (The investigation has been pretty thorough. lol). I've seem them at high end ones, and they are offered at upscale restaurants and hotels.

You can order them online or from your local store.

I love the two glassers idea!