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Monday, August 29, 2011

There really should be a law

People who write letters to the editor should know what they're talking about. They should have their facts right, or face... I don't know... flogging? No, I'm kidding--but it would be awesome if they lost the privilege of using that venue to get their "opinions" out there.

Around here, if you see a letter to the editor trashtalking our school system/school board/school administrators/teachers, etc, you can pretty much count on the signature at the bottom being from one particular lady--and hopefully most people simply roll their eyes and skip over her drivel. She seldom knows what she's talking about. In fact, I've never seen her inside a school volunteering--just appearing to complain about something and then going on her seldom-merry way. This time she's published false facts about the end-of-year district employee party, which she claims to have "witnessed" and says is at the taxpayers' expense. It's not--the funds for that party come from a contractor the school has used for several buildings, and the money is earmarked for that party only. She also said in her letter that the employees' lodging is included. It's not--employees have always paid for their own rooms, and in fact this year, were asked to pay a small fee at the door to help cover the cost of their dinner, too.

I just have to wonder how one person can be so petty. Every time the district tries to get a mill levy override, she's out there campaigning hard against it, slandering their efforts. Kinda makes me wonder if she once tried for a job there and was turned down, or what? If she was someone who knew what she was talking about, it'd all be different. But man. It's really hard for me to hold my tongue (fingers) and keep from replying to her, correcting all her misinformation. I could so flame this nasty old lady...

Maybe I'll just sit on my fingers and hope a miracle happens and she gets a clue. Stranger things have happened, right?

Autumn Piper
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Sutton Fox said...

I never ceaase to be amazed at people who voice strong 'expert' opinions on things they know nothing about.

She sounds miserable. You've already won. :)