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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Catching up

A few of my online pals have been asking for some photos from our trip. So... Here we go.

This is me on the first evening, in all my just-showered-and-didn't-bother-with-much-makeup-or-hairstyling glory:

One of many floaties we spent hours on. Kinda cute how somebody pushed it out there with 2 straws in 1 cup. Every beach chair at the resort comes with one of these--makes it nice and cushy for laying on the chair, and divine for floating in the water.

"World famous" Rick's Cafe... Lots of cliff diving there for entertainment. Go
od food and drinks, too!

Dear hubby Jim:

The view from our balcony:

This was a crucial component. Stand it up, and somebody appeared quickly (if not magically) to take a drink order. I might've set a record for beachside mimosa consumption....

Last day, while we were waiting for our airport shuttle. My half-open eyes were probably a symptom of trying not to cry!

I *heart* Jamaica, mon!

Autumn Piper
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Sutton Fox said...

Totally awesome!! Good for you, and Jim. It looks beautiful. No wonder you didn't want to leave.

Thanks for sharing. :)

Stephanie said...

Saw them on so awesome!!!!!!! Looks liek you had a fab time!!!!!!