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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Contrary to a snarky comment from a best-selling author to me last summer, something along the lines of, "Sure, I'll sign your Sony Reader, even though I hate what ebooks are doing to the publishing industry" it seems the sale of ebooks has driven overall growth in that industry. (and is me, or does that guy reading in the photo look like the head Nazi in Raiders of the Lost Ark? You know, the one whose face melted off when they opened the Ark?)

I'm a bit confused about some of their numbers--for instance, I'm pretty sure ebook sales overall have gone up more than 39% in the past three years (more like 300% if I was to guess). But still.

People obviously think there are jobs to be had in the publishing business too, judging by the number of people who query me every day asking about editing jobs.

Recession much? Seems like everybody is after a 2nd job, which unfortunately many people believe will pay millions because "SusieLou in your hometown is earning $8000 a week working at home!" People just don't want to hear that those jobs don't really exist. (live webcams not withstanding)

Piper Denna
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Sutton Fox said...

Amazing. And to think that you actually might have to DO the work, and then still wait to get paid. Man, what's the world coming to? :)