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Friday, August 19, 2011

Good outlook, and... cowardly authors?

Yet another news article detailing the explosion in ereading since 2008--this one brought on by info from the techno-makers behind eInk displays. Good news.

Which goes on to discuss ebooks, ebooks conquering paperbacks on Amazon, another self-pubbed author hitting it big (1 million Kindle copies) on Amazon, and the inevitable... ebook pricing.

Oh, and let us not forget, we've got yet another best-selling author who has apparently relied upon a somewhat gutless agent for eons and believes authors' hands are tied by this newfangled ebook business because publishers just don't want to pay authors properly for their hard work. Pardon me, but there's this document called a contract... unless somebody's holding la pistola to your head or has tied a fair maiden to parallel iron tracks with an attached locomotive barreling straight for her, you don't have to sign it (even if the handle-bar mustached agent tells you to). You're legally free to find one someplace else, where they will pay you properly. Heck, here's an idea. Why not search out some small press whose entire year(existence?) you'd like to make, sign with them (for a whopping huge percentage compared to what you're used to), and use your significant fan base to sell your next book? You don't need no stinking big publisher. People buy your books because your name is on them--not because of that publisher logo on the cover. Grow some business cajones and go for it. You'll be able to stand much taller in your boots, knowing you stood up for yourself and took charge of your business, rather than... whatever it is you're doing now.

I predict about the time each of our friendly large publishers lose a couple of their "star" authors who've set out on their own, said large publishers will begin offering much better terms on electronic royalties. Or is that just wild thinking?

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!

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