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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New release--Sea's Sorceress

I'm pleased to announce the release of Sea's Sorceress, #4 in the Elemental Magic series by Brynna Curry. It's 30% off this week at the Lyrical Press bookstore, for just $2.45.

It's a fast read, about best friends whose relationship grows a bit deeper, family values, and a bit of Irish magic. (and I've been waiting 3 books to see Skye get his happily ever after)

Only 1 more book in this series, and then I'll be a bit lost. Brynna'd better come up with something else for me to edit!

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!


Amanda said...

I really liked Earth Enchanted, how did I miss the other two. I guess i'll have to catch up! Remind me when #5 comes out, eh!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out, Piper. The wheels are already turning. *grins*

@Amanda Thrilled you enjoyed Earth Enchanted. For a bit about the other books you've missed, visit me at or