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Friday, February 26, 2010

They don't sound like George.

This is a matter close to my heart.
Of late, I've been hearing more and more "new" (read: sucky" or "half as good") country artists remaking George Strait's songs. Now, I realize it's a sign of the original artist's greatness when this happens. And I know they are not trying to copy him, per se, but to make their own mark.

But I'll tell ya. In most cases, they're really just butchering his music. This annoys me to no end. Some things should be hallowed, revered...

I don't really listen to country music any more, aside from George of course, because the all sound the same (lame) but hubby listens to it lots.

Last night when one of these re-recorded slayings played on his Pandora, he said, "Well, it is a good song though."

Um. Hello? ALL of George's songs are good, silly.

Off to write my Congressman about proposed legislation to preserve and protect George's music...

Happy Friday. Stay warm and all that!

Autumn Piper

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Sutton Fox said...

Be still my heart. Long time George fan here. No one can sing like George, and nobody can wear Wranglers like George.