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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Oh What a Good Story"

That was the subject line of a message I got Saturday evening from a lady who won a copy of Lone Star Trouble in an online giveaway I did. Here's the rest of her note (copied with her permission):

I just finished Lone Star Trouble...Loved every page...I read it all today...I couldn't put it down.
I loved Kie and Nate and Cleve..and all the characters...Even Stinky Dog was endearing...
Will there be a sequel? I want to know more about the families...and the expected baby and the sheep vs cows? The wedding?
There are lots of things to ask
I saw you have another book coming out in April..and thought that was a sequel...but I read the's a brand new story... so, I had to write and ask if there will be more about the Howells and the Days?
Looking forward to the next books...
Take care,

Well. Wasn't that nice of her?
And to further fluff my feathers, I've acquired another "Follower" here on Piper Patter, another giveaway recipient from last week, I do believe. 20 feels like a landmark number, somehow.

Autumn Piper
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Anonymous said...

Totally awesome Miss P. Don't those letters just make you all warm and fuzzy inside! :)