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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Watcha Readin' Wednesday

This week I'm reviewing a book I've planned to read for about 6 months (ever since samples came through in my messages): Just Breathe, by Susan Wiggs.

This is my first experience with Wiggs' work, and I wasn't disappointed. The story begins when Sarah is undergoing a fertility treatment, which her husband is unable to attend. Much to her dismay, when she searches him out later in the day with pizza and Coke, she finds him doing the dirty with another woman.

Needless to say, I was interested to see how Sarah's situation panned out, and how it compared with my own Waiting for Revenge. Sarah leaves Chicago and goes "home" to a tiny coastal town in California, where romance blooms with firechief/former high school golden boy, Will. At first it seems Sarah's problem isn't quite the same as Mandy's in Waiting, because unlike Mandy she doesn't have two kids to consider in her decision to divorce. Like I first. Before long, Sarah finds her final fertility treatment was a success, which complicates matters considerably.

I love Sarah's grandma and great-aunt. Their advice is spot-on, and they meddle in the best possible ways (a la Waiting's great-Aunt Clara). Sarah does have girlfriends who give her little pushes in the right direction, whereas Mandy tried to keep her marital problems on the down-low and didn't share much, other than with her sister-in-law. And boy, did I dislike Sarah's soon-to-be ex, Jack. Jack had apparently been something of a jerk for years, and he never fails to say the perfect thing to make me hate him more. This is far from Mandy's situation, where she'd been happily married and felt Mike treated her right up until his indiscretion. At no time in Just Breathe did I feel like Sarah should give Jack another chance. Maybe infidelity is a total Dealbreaker for me, like it is for these gals.

This book was well worth the wait. I rate it a Keeper, although to be entirely honest I snagged it from the New shelf at the library so I'd best not keep it... Susan Wiggs is now on my radar and I'll be watching for her stuff.

Autumn Piper
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