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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Think I'm in Love...

A few of the things I'm totally digging this week:

I *heart* Statcounter. It's a nifty hit-tracking tool for anybody with a website or blog. If you have multiple sites, it'll display all your stats in one neat chart, listed by number of hits today, yesterday, for the month, and for all time (since you installed your counters). You can also get more detailed info on each individual project. Best of all? Totally free. Anybody with a web presence should use it. I just love checking it and seeing how many people are visiting my sites. And they are, for some reason...

I *heart* Amazon discussions. Whatever you're into, there's a discussion about it on Amazon. Right now, I'm following along and having fun with one in the Romance Community, Titled "Book Rant", where people complain about what they hate in books. Very fun to see what winds people up. We're having some discussion presently about how likely a 28 year-old virgin is in a contemporary romance.

I *heart* Fictionwise top sellers lists. At present, I'm addicted to checking the lists for my two publishers to see how my books rank compared with my peers' books. Might become an obsession at some point. Amazon posts rankings too, in each item's description. If one of my books ever hits a number with less than 6 digits, I'll probably faint dead away.

Piper Denna
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