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Friday, August 7, 2009

Sheet Eater

Things are weird enough at 2 a.m. when the full moon casts wonky shadows over the nightscape. The coyotes tend to howl all night instead of briefly, and sometimes things get darn disorienting...

I dreamed of eating the sheet, woke to find I'd been grinding my molars. A cool breeze ruffled the curtains, which glowed with moonlight. Why the heck would I dream about chewing on the sheet?

"Rip, tear, grind, grind, grind."
"Riiiiip, grind, grind..."

What the...?

Our neighbor has his horses penned around the houses right now, to help mow down the extravagant vegetation we've had with all this rain. And apparently the roughage growing along the drip line of our house is Grade A, because the older horse really likes eating right outside our bedroom windows.

In case anybody's wondering, horses are not quiet eaters.

Feel like I spent the night gnawing a batch of crazy-tough romaine.

Happy Friday!

Autumn Piper
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