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Friday, October 14, 2011

Sharp. Very Sharp.

Husbandhead got a new atomic alarm clock this past week--one with lots of neat bells and whistles, such as displaying inside temperature, an outside remote thermometer, and it shows the moon phases, etc.  The outdoor sensor doesn't sense so well--or anyway, it doesn't do a good job of getting the info inside all the time, so it's going back where it came from (probably taped back up and stuck on the store shelf, LOL). But in helping get the thing set up, I read some pretty poor instructions.

Keep in mind, this is an upper end alarm clock, made by Sharp:

(as shown in the adove diagram)Note: no doves in diagram that I can see.
You should place the outdoor sensor within approx.Must've been too tough to spell out approximately 90 feet of the clock. Obsticles dunno what these are, but I bet they are sticky such as; semicolon? really? are they about to invade where they don't belong the way apostrophes have? walls, concrete and large metal objects can reduce the reinge. Well, hell. There's our problem. We've got walls around the outside of our damn house! No wonder our reinge sucks! Still doesn't explain why some days it's fine...But hey. Maybe if we put the alarm clock outside, near the sensor... Reception can also be determined by the materials in a building. Try some different areas to see where your sensor is best suited to send a clear signal to the clock. Wait approximately Wait. There was space aplenty to spell it out this time? Editor's note: They had more than 3/4 of a blank line at end of this paragraph, so it wasn't a space-saving move to abbreviate above. Maybe it's a "green" measure, to save ink? 15 minutes before permanetly Hm. Makes me wonder if our translator perhaps spelled this using phonics? Whatever the case, I think their proofreader should be sent on permanet leave. mounting to ensure that there is proper reception.

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