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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A is for Apple, B is for Body paint

To celebrate release of her new book, today's blog is a guest post by LK Below.

Ten things I bet you didn’t know about body paint:

1) Mehndi or “henna tattoos” are a form of body paint. Through the application of the design on a body, they look almost like ink tattoos but slowly wear off after a week or two.

2) Some young Nuba (African) men celebrate their youth and vigor by painting their bodies.

3) Recent archeological research indicates that body paint may have been used as far back in the past as by Neanderthals.

4) In 1933 at the World Fair in Chicago, Max Factor (founder of Max Factor & Company cosmetics) was arrested for bringing a model dressed only in the specialized body paint he was developing for Hollywood.

5) In the 1950s and 1960s, there was an alternative art movement which involved painting a nude model and having that model then roll on a canvas to distribute it.

6) The World Body Painting Festival in Seeboden in Austria is the largest in the world, boasting thousands of visitors.

7) There are art galleries to display such body art. Craig Tracy is a famous artist who has opened one such gallery in New Orleans, called Painted Alive.

8) In 2009, Air New Zealand, a national airline, recorded a television commercial and safety video wearing painted-on uniforms as a part of their “Nothing to Hide” campaign. CEO Rob Fyde also took part in this activity.

9) Perhaps the most famous instance of the use of body paint is worn by model Rebecca Romijn as Mystique in the X-Men movies.

10) The heroine, Colleen, from my newest novella Never a Princess, Always a Frog wears nothing but green body paint to a saucy Halloween party, and it leads to a wild escapade that might just last longer than one night…

Here's the blurb for Never a Princess, Always a Frog:

Has this frog finally found her prince?

From the moment Colleen confesses her deepest desire--to experience the same passion she’s read about in books--she is swept away on the most daring escapade she’s ever experienced. Dressed in nothing but green paint, she attends a Halloween party searching for the man of her dreams. She finds him, but then fears she won’t be able to give him up.

Since the death of his wife five years ago, Dan’s life has been on auto-pilot. But from the moment he meets Colleen, he starts to feel alive again. And he knows he can’t let this would-be princess stride out of his life…

Buy the book or learn more at

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L.K. Below writes romance and speculative fiction. Under her full name, Lindsay Below, she pens young adult novels. Visit her online at


L. K. Below said...

Thanks for having me, Piper. :) It's a pleasure to be on your blog.

Jen Daiker said...

This was awesome. Great way to be feautred on a blog. I have seen this book around the blog lately and the more I see it the more I'm ready to snag a copy!

Great blog! Looking forward to much more!

L. K. Below said...

Thanks for saying so, Jen. I found it very interesting when I was looking all this up. :)

Glad to hear Never a Princess.. has snagged your interest :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Sutton Fox said...

Very interesting post. Body paint is really cool looking when it's done well.

Your story sounds like a fun read, I'll have to check it out. :)

L. K. Below said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sutton. I'm glad you enjoyed the post :)