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Friday, July 1, 2011

Cookbooks... victims of the internet?

My cookbooks are gathering dust, and not because I've stopped using recipes (or cooking, though my family might argue). I still use them for my tried-and-true favorite recipes--got an index box with the best of those, mostly magazine tearouts, and some of them are internet printouts. But, when I'm going for something new, I turn to the net. Because, let's face it... my sweet collection of cookbooks can't come close to the vast number of recipes online.

This morning it was a recipe for croutons. I know I made them a couple years ago, but can't remember if it was from a book or the net. So I blew 10 minutes looking through all my books... and here I am now, going online to read some better ones. (note I said "read". LOL. This is one where I'll look at how somebody else does it, take away what I want, and wing it."

Do you get recipes online?

Autumn Piper
Got recipes?

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