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Monday, July 18, 2011

Double Release day--Twice the fun

I've got 2 outstanding releases to announce today, both books I edited from fantabulous authors: Til Death Undo Us, by Morgan Q O'Reilly (who I've had the honor of being CP with for about 5 years) and Dangerous Desire, by Diane Escalera--who writes muy caliente romance and is multi-published with Kensington's Encanto Books.

A quick bit about each:

Til Death Undo Us

She never imagined love could happen twice—until her husband returned from the dead.

Cassidy thinks she’s getting on with her life just fine after her husband’s fall to cancer. Life is quiet, which is just the way she likes it, half a continent away from her overbearing Irish family.

Niall doesn’t want to scare the fragile Irish rose, but her husband, supposedly two years in the grave, has been caught on security tapes at a secret government laboratory.
Together, they unearth evidence of industrial espionage and identity theft...and frightening connections to the Irish Mob that will put more than just their own lives at risk.

Content warning: Sex, bullets, more sex, intimate body piercings and a few red roses. What more could a girl want?

*** Editor's note--This one has just the right blend of intrigue and heat (and it's first in the Open Windows series. I really, really love book #2). Imagine being investigated because the feds think your (dead) husband is stealing top secret government secrets and you're in on it! And what about that title? Rock on, Morgan Q.

Dangerous Desire

Sometimes you have to lose one thing to find another.

Sienna Diaz is desperate to find her missing beagle, no matter what it costs. She hires Cruz Santino, the best—and hottest—in the business. He’s an ex cop, dangerous on many levels, which comes in handy when all evidence indicates her beloved pet was snatched to use in a dogfighting ring.

Cruz will do whatever it takes to find Sienna’s lost pet, but he also wants results from the smokin’ hot attraction between them—and he isn’t above breaking his own hands-off-clients rule to get there. However, until he brings her beloved beagle home safely, he won’t have Sienna's undivided attention...and affection.

Warning: Strong language, caliente sex, violence, and a dangerously hot rescue.

***'Nother editor's note: Again with the intrigue/mystery and hot summer lovin'. If you like Beagles (who doesn't?), hot men who're good at kicking butt and unearthing clues (who doesn't?) and goofy BFFs (do I need to ask again?).... what are you waiting for?

These books are available in digital formats, like, everywhere. (and 30% off this week at the LPI bookstore.) Go get your copy!

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!


Sutton Fox said...

Both stories sound like fantastic reads. Big congrats to you, Ms. Editor, and to your awesome authors.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to get my copies while they're on sale. :)

Morgan O'Reilly said...

Thanks for the shout out! Awesome CPs and editors get to take a lot of credit here :)

Diane Escalera said...

Thanks Piper! You're pretty awesome yourself. And so much fun. Thanks for the laughs!