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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Poor Thing

So I have this Facebook friend.

A big-name author I admire. Posts lots of cool updates, very in touch with the fans. We get to hear (read?) all about the trips and new cars, and one day, about a new motorhome. The author didn't really need a new motorhome, but this one is a real peach, so much nicer than the last one.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to decide which one my kids to borrow money from until payday. And at first, I have to confess, I considered "silencing" this friend so I wouldn't hear about any more fabulousness. But then I decided to put this other person's success to good use.

Now it's my motivation - the light at the end of my poorass tunnel, if you will. The economy sucks and people are losing jobs left and right. Yet, romance is alive and well. Sales are up. It's a great business to be in. If I keep working my butt off and gathering readers, one day I, too, might qualify for the free checking account where you have to keep a minimum balance of a grand to draw interest. Heck, maybe one day I can even pay my kids off!

Sky's the limit, baby.

Happy Thursday.

Autumn Piper
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