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Monday, July 20, 2009

18 and Counting

They were twenty year old - "all grown up". Full of optimism and independence, ready to make their own way. They'd known each other all of six months and were certain.

So they made their plans - white dress, traditional ceremony, rings... And got their first lesson in marriage: Things seldom go the way you plan them.

One of the groomsmen proved without a doubt that he certainly wasn't the "best" man when he no-showed without a word (dude. Andy - if I ever meet you, trust me, it's not gonna be pretty...). And the judge zonked out in front of Jeopardy about the time he was supposed to be heading over to the Holiday Inn, so he was tardy (and only showed up at all because the REAL best man had the wits about him to notice he hadn't arrived). The bride and groom were about two hours late to pick up their honeymoon rental boat the next day, and had to spend the night in the back of the truck.

Omens? Nah. Just real life kicking in and reminding us not everything goes smoothly. And some glitches are more suckalicious than others.

It's been 18 years today, since that old fart forgot he'd taken $200 to go marry a couple of kids on July 20th. 18 years seems like a lifetime when you're 20, but now... well, not so long. As for the "glitches", well, heck. How boring would it have been if everything went off without a hitch (no pun intended).

Happy anniversary, Jim. Toyota!



Sutton Fox said...

Wow. Congratulations!! Here's wishing you many more.

Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Congrats!!!

If life was always perfect, we'd never have fun stories to tell people...and um, as writers, if we didn't have stories to tell....I think we'd explode or something!

And btw..they more I learn about you, the more I am convinced we were meant to meet!!! My hubby and I were married just 11 days past my 21st birthday. We were married young, just like you, and here we are..still going will be 11 years in September!

Autumn Piper said...

Thanks, girls! And Steph, congrats to you on making it thru those terrible twenties, too. Here's hoping the "for worse" times are behind us. :)

Autumn Piper said...
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