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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Whatcha readin' Wednesday

At long last, I've finally finished reading Under the Dome, by Stephen King. It's a superfastacting, funny, horrifying, suspenseful read. Long as heck, but worth every minute.

I truly enjoyed watching the world fall apart for the massive cast in this story. The scariest part is, it's totally believable--I can so see it all happening that way. Didn't hurt that the "bad guy" believes himself to be entirely holy and manages to convince himself and many around him that no matter the atrocities he commits, it's all for the greater good, all in the name of religion.

And I'll just be a super King Junkie and admit--the author's note at the very end? Loved it. In another life, maybe I'll just become a Stephen King groupie and devote myself to memorizing his words of wisdom. He never fails to say something I can totally relate to--like, he put off writing this book for about 30 years because it'd require massive research, which he just felt too lazy to do. LOL. I love that! (I'm a little scared to write anything I've gotta research now, too. The one book I did major research on, I managed to dink around with the "research" entirely too long. Almost got myself blocked.) Now he's so awesome he can just hire somebody to do all his research. Dang. Picture me swooning here, the way teen girls swoon at rock concerts, huh?

I give this one a Keeper: You won’t regret either time or money spent with this book. It has a permanent spot on your shelf. Recommend it freely and lend it carefully to that trustworthy “inner circle” of reader friends. Put the author on your To Be Read list.

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!

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Sutton Fox said...

Appreciate the review. It's now firmly on my TBR list. :)