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Monday, June 20, 2011

Something to Talk About

I'm so excited about today's release from another of my authors...MJ Fredrick (and yes, I edited this one also). Her book is a fun contemporary romance about a woman and her best friend's widower (BF died a year before), who manage to get all the tongues in their small town wagging, when their former friendship becomes more--despite their best intentions. You can't help but root for Ellie--seems like no matter what happens, everybody in town blames her, and she can never seem to do anything right (no matter how hard she fights the naughty little devil inside) It's out in ebook today at virtually every digital book vendor you can name. Here's a link to buy it directly from LPI. Today it's only $3.85 at the LPI bookstore, in any digital format.

Something to Talk About

Taking chances is never easy--especially when the whole town is watching.

Ellie Morgan is trying to stay below the radar in a small town. Her break-up with her football coach boyfriend and growing interest in her best friend's
widower are grist to the local gossip mill. Her friendship with the local psychic and the return of her prodigal mother are the cherries on the cake.

Add a meddling preacher, a water-loving dog and a man trying to shake off his past, and Ellie's got more than enough on her plate in her quest for

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!


Stephanie said...

Sounds awesome!

Amanda said...

Sounds like another good one! Got my copy today. Lion Tamers, too!! ;)

Sutton Fox said...

Sounds really good. Always looking for my new favorite author. Will give it a try.

Thanks, Amanda! :)