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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Diet or guilt trip?

Thanks to a nice, lingering visit at the library last weekend (and I'm still totally infatuated with our new mahvelous library, by the way), I've been reading a diet book, getting myself prepared to try it out. It's called the Fat Flush Plan, which sounds a little gross, but it's more about flushing toxins (and fat) from the liver, getting the liver into prime fat-burning shape, and reducing inflammation from food allergies and water retention. It's a pretty extreme diet, but the initial phase is only for 2 weeks, so I think I can do it. Basically, it removes sugar, caffeine (ouch), gluten, dairy (bigger ouch) alcohol, most salt, and bad fats from the diet, and adds in lots of Omega-3, ALA, GLA, cranberry and lemon juices. The dairy and gluten can return after that first phase, as can carbs with the right index--the ones that last longest in your body. The plan also puts lots of importance on sleep, moderate excercise, and recording everything in a journal.

So. I've been reading for 5 days (I'm now at the shopping list phase) and have been grocery shopping a couple of times. When I get to the checkout and see the stuff my family normally eats, I have this huge guilt (of course it's not news to me that tons of sugar is bad, but seeing now, after reading what happens in your body when you consume it, there's a whole other trip). And there's no chance the family is going to change their eating habits, so I'll still be buying this stuff for them the whole time I'm trying to feed my body right and get my liver all straightened out. I refuse to think about the temptation all their junk food is going to present.

Wish me luck.

Autumn Piper
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Sutton Fox said...

Good luck!! You'll do great. I bet the weight just drops off.

Wishing you incredible success.