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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sutton spells it out

On the topic of poorly-done book reviews, pal Sutton Fox said it all yesterday.

A bad review one of our fellow LPI authors got was the catalyst for her post. But by "bad", I'm not referring to a low-stellar rating. I mean it was a mess--poorly typed, lousy grammar--and these mistakes are on her permanent copy which displays on her site every day, too. Sometimes I feel like, if I didn't have a particular public persona to uphold, I'd like to create a blog site where I review other blog and web sites! This one would get 1 star, at best.

The absolute clincher, though, was when she made some reference to the book being reviewing and said the story had been "delivered in a dull manor". Whoo boy. That one made me laugh out loud. I mean, if her house is boring, that's not the author's fault.

Even when I get good reviews from some of these cut-rate sites, I don't send out links. To me, if the review is riddled with mistakes, I feel like the person writing it doesn't look all that qualified to judge whether my book was good or not. And it's just embarrassing to send other people there--like I always wonder whether they think I didn't notice all the flubs.

Let me just say this: I know none of us is perfect. Heck, I did some site updates yesterday and found a typo on my website. It happens. But when someone is trying to get people to visit her site, it's her responsibility to make that site as presentable as possible. As professional. It's her job.

I really might have to invent a new persona and start with the site reviews...

Piper Denna
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Nicole Dennis said...

Thanks for all the support and kickback to the skeevy reviewers out there who shouldn't trash our work when they can't keep up their own standards.
Thanks, Piper!