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Monday, October 11, 2010

Sounds like home

House? Or home?
I'm almost done unpacking. It's true I've been telling myself that for a month, but now I really am. Almost done unpacking, that is. In fact, it's stuff-on-the-walls time. When I start hanging some of my familiar "favorite things", it feels more like home.

Yesterday I hung a very old, electric clock which my paternal grandma gave to my maternal grandma. And by very old, I mean... this little hummer has been running for at least 40 years. I can remember it percolating away (it's designed to look and sound like a stove-top coffee pot) when I was small and playing at my grandma's. It was part of her house. These days, the sounds it makes aren't quite the same--almost more like a coffee grinder than a coffee pot, sometimes--but it just keeps on going.
Here it is, hanging with an also-old, but not nearly as impressive (at least to my thinking, because it just sits there) corn-muffin pan. And the old things look a little out-of-place next to that fancy curtain--which is not mine, and will probably be going byebye soon so I can hang my blue gingham.

How long will the clock run? What will I do when it one day breaks down? I dunno. I'm pretty amazed the lightbulb inside has never burned out. It's hard to see in the photo, but the top glows red--and that's a little red bulb inside a clear housing. I've moved it to 8 different houses. Poor thing. At Grandma's, it sat on top of her fridge (one of those huge, heavy old-fashioned fridges that didn't so much as shiver when you shut the door) for 23 years.

Now it's grinding away in my kitchen and everything sounds familiar, I'm definitely feeling motivated to get out photos of my babies and plaster the walls.

Have a great Monday!

Autumn Piper
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