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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Inspiration comes in nice packages

I think I've successfully snagged that much-needed inspiration to get my next book rolling. In the form of a song, Coming Home, from Enrique Iglesias' new album. (I could stare at that album cover all day...)

It's rife with angst and a very pretty song--doesn't a piano just do "sad" better than any other instrument? Expresses quite well the feelings my hero (one of Brady's pals/personal security guys from Fallen Star Trouble) is having, generally about his life on the road, but particularly about the heroine (Cara's younger sister Katie from Fallen Star Trouble)--and her two little girls, who he's fallen for just as hard as he has for their mommy. Their biggest problem? Age difference. But I think they'll get over that, because she's had to grow up and be responsible at a young age, so she's an old soul, whereas he's lived the wild-n-crazy bachelor life for quite a long time, and is just now feeling like a grownup who should settle down--although it is really hitting him hard. :)

Anyway, here's the video for the song at YouTube, a take-out from Dear John. I might have to see that movie now too. Those dudes are pretty easy on the eyes too, and it looks like quite the tear jerker.

Have a great day.

Autumn Piper
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