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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Watcha Readin' Wednesday - a review

This week (the last 3 days, really) I read Tempt Me at Twilight, by Lisa Kleypas. It's 3rd in the Hathaway series, and I'm totally bummed the next installment is not out until next summer!

Kleypas weaves a convincing network of secondary characters and setting, and manages to create a vortex around her hero and heroine, which sucks me in every time. Outstanding tension. Though Kleypas gets away with changing character point of view more often than most publishers allow, it's always obvious whose thoughts we're getting. As historicals go, hers are the perfect blend for me - not too much time describing outfits and decor. One of my favorite couples-to-be got some time in the limelight, and involved a little mystery, including a cliffhanger the writers of Dallas should envy. Made me suck in my breath and wish I'd never started reading the series until it was all published!

I highly recommend this set of books - for me, they go in the Keeper category.

Autumn Piper
Got romance?

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Anonymous said...

I'll have to check these out! :) I was just given Memnoch The Devil by Anne Rice by a friend that I am reading and am also reading a great book called Lone Star Trouble by a great author named Autumn Piper :P lol