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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Has the applause stopped yet?

Watched the CMA awards last night, and was so happy to see Miss Taylor Swift win -- she probably needed to pull home a trailer behind her limo, to transport her awards. I love how CMA inserted a skit where an elderly gentleman interrupted one of the emcees to talk about how great her video was (note to MTV: this did NOT make you look cool or provide any positive publicity so you might consider that next time you decide to seat an "interrupter" in the front). Taylor also thanked everyone in the room for not running up on the stage, during one of her acceptance speeches. The thing I like about her is the way kids relate to her and her music - they don't only idolize her, but feel connected. And she so darn sweet!

Is there a Triple Crown at the CMA awards? I think Ms. Swift might have won it: Album of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year, and Entertainer of the Year. Pretty big deal for a 19-year-old. And I started out watching on behalf of my daughter to give her a report this morning (well, that and to see George Strait, every glimpse is like gold, ya know), but totally teared up during her final speech.

In other gossip, Reba McEntire looks great for her age, Barbara Mandrell... well, she's aging but still looks good, and the Judds - a little clownish on the makeup, IMO. As for LeAnn Rimes, I don't know WTF? but my daughter said, "Um. Halloween is over." Looked like her makeup crew was going for the Uncle Fester look. Not good.

The Zac Brown Band performed probably the best rendition of Devil Went Down to Georgia, at least that I've ever seen. Very cool.

And last but not least, my own dear George Strait performed and was up for a few awards. Sadly, he didn't walk away with any huge glass trophies, (and even lost out to Taylor Swift for EOY, but hey, it's not like he hasn't got a pile of those awards at home!). Still, it's always great to see My George. *sigh*

Off to hang with a really sweet bunch of kiddos again today.

Happy Thursday!

Autumn Piper
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