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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My few cents' worth

Regarding Kanye West and his obnoxious outburst during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the MTV Awards...

I watched him on the new Jay Leno show last night, and Jay really asked him some hard questions (including what his mother would think). On Jay's show, he seemed sincerely sorry.

But I wonder what he could possibly do to make up for ruining one of the biggest moments of Miss Swift's life? Whether he was serious or totally goofing around when he interrupted her speech to shout out that Beyonce's video was better and should have won, it was totally rude and inconsiderate, and frankly, I don't care if he's been busy doing tours and making albums. "Busy" does not take away one's sense of right and wrong, nor does it erase one's common sense.

Taylor Swift seems sweet and genuine and I fully expect she'll issue a public acceptance of his apology, but I wonder what she really thinks of him (and like me, now the entire hip-hop scene in general)? Poor kid. Would be totally understandable if she told him to bugger off. After all, forgiveness is the option of the wronged.

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!


Aubrie said...

I watched Jay Leno as well and I agree that Kayne seemed truely sorry. I don't think he was thinking of the repercussions when he did it.

It's totally bad sportsmanship, something my husband teaches his elementary school kids not to do. Maybe he finally leanred his lesson?

Sutton Fox said...

Just an observation from a real outsider here ... Beyonce and Taylor appear to be managing their careers just fine without Kanye's, er, assistance.