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Friday, September 25, 2009

Finally Friday

Today is the end of week 3 of my subbing gig for my dear pal Vanessa, in her middle school PE, Drama, and Reading classes. My mom asked me the other day how I was doing with working so many days and honestly, I'm sort of settled in now. Things don't get done around the house as quick, and some things don't get done at all, but the family is acclimating. (I still think women had it easier before women's lib but that's another whole blog topic!)

And 2 days ago as I was walking down the hall toward lunch doodie (not a typo, --I didn't mean "duty" even if it's synonymous -- although it's not quite as crappy as some doodies because my son's class happens to be in the cafeteria at this time, but I digress...)...ahem. I had an epiphany (not to be corn-fused with episiotomy, which I'll pray to heaven never to have again, whereas I do like epiphanies and welcome them...and yes I've digressed again). Much as I'd figured over the summer to gravitate toward the elementary schools this year, I'm rather liking where I am. Yes, it's possible I've lost all my marbles, but: I feel like I belong there with all those 5th-8th grade kids. Everywhere I go, kids greet me or share some story, joke with me, and I've even been asked for love life advice. (great big grin) Best of all, they don't intimidate me anymore. It must be true, then: I've become one of those insane people who likes adolescent kids. Don't know how or when it happened, but there it is. When I come home, I'm equally happy to only be with my own adolescent kids.

Now, if only the laundry fairy would start coming around during the day, things would be complete!

Happy Friday, everybody!

Autumn Piper
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