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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Busy week, couple more spots

Wow, this week has flown by. And for those of you who don't think it's over yet, well, you probably don't have kids in a 4-day school week. LOL Yeah, Thursday is my kids' Friday. I'm trying very hard this semester to keep on working on Friday, though, so I'll have more time to write those other 4 days. (a mom's work schedule is never set, right?)


Today Piper is over at Tory Michael's World with an interview (Tory remembered me from RomCon, when we had an erotic romance party. Things got a little wild that night. I think I was first up, and we played madlibs, using "dirty" words. LOL) I loved Tory's interview questions, because they were few in number and a little different from those "same-same" ones I've been answering all month.

Autumn is at Waves of Fiction, with an interview and also a book review by Arlene. (I saw Arlene's review yesterday on Goodreads, and am so thankful she cross-posted). Her review is forthright, thorough, and I can totally live with her final rating of 3.5 "suns". These interview questions were a little different also. I'm so ready for fresh interview material!

I managed to (finally) set up the Autumn Piper Goodreads author page yesterday. That took some time! But hopefully it'll start flourishing now. I was amazed--and pleased--to see how many reviews my books have. Kinda bummed, though--a blog can only "feed" to one Goodreads profile, and it's already going to the Piper Denna page. Ah well.

Happy Thursday.

Piper Denna
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