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Thursday, May 9, 2013

A.M. in the life?

Blogging has been on my to-do list for 4 days now. 4. And that's since I determined I absolutely positively would blog this week. LOL.

I have accomplished quite a bit, playing catch-up. Authors on my roster know my projects often get pulled forward. Which is great for them...and for me, sometimes. But it also kinda means every time I get caught up, I turn around and realize I'm chasing newer, different deadlines.

And since I'm feeling awfully schizo this week, and cannot come up with anything better, here's a morning in the life of an EIC:

  • 5:30 AM. Wake to an idea about adding another round of author edits to our process to solve a little problem we've been having with galley review becoming Author Tinker Time
  • 6:00 AM Get up, feed cats, let cats out. Wake daughter.
  • 6:15 Amble back upstairs after (hopefully) rousing daughter. Let cats in. Read emails.
  • 6:30 Compose email to other management at LPI about possible new idea. Let cats out. (see a pattern here?)
  • 7:00 Inhabit bathroom to do makeup and hair, since hubs has vacated premises. Make bed, straighten room. Cry like baby over niece's piccolo recital on YouTube/Facebook. Don't ask. It's just a waterworks kinda day. And she's graduating. And she's lovely. Lovely graduates are supposed to make one bawl like a soap star, no?
  • 7:30 Bid kids adieu, certain I won't miss the banshee screaming. Hate all breakfast choices. Settle on chocolate milk and last night's TMZ.
  • 7:50 Begin 2nd round of content edits on a file. Then get up to start laundry. Return to file. Start dishwasher. Still hate all breakfast choices. Reply to mgmt discussion about possible new round idea. Let cats in. I made the donuts!!!
  • Answer some title and scheduling questions for roster author.
  • Check out RNCon after receiving invite to judge their novel contest. Get excited and wonder in what universe I can talk hubs into letting me go to Vegas for 5 days
  • 9:00 Continue CE3. Have hair appt today. This file must go out today. Reply to a grammar question on FB, as well as 20 more replies/questions. It's all good. I've helped some folks with adjectives and nouns. Hopefully.
  • 10:00 break for hot topics segment of The View. Text Renee and Sutton about RNCon. Dream. Eat...alas, a Jimmy Dean breakfast croissant. Byebye low cal day.
  • 10:20 Return to content edits.
  • 11:00 Complete content edits (God, this was an easy round. Wish they were all like this!) Email to author.
  • Reply to another author question re: scheduling and vacation.
  • 11:10 Open 2nd round file from Sutton. Review new edits, fix a formatting glitch/question. Email file back. (also wish all edits were THIS easy)
  • 12:20 Search for blog ideas...
Yeah. Got a hair appointment 45 minutes from now (My inner Betty White--or shall we say Betty Silver is pushing her way out via my hair roots), which will get out about an hour before I have to pick up the banshee, who hopefully will howl no more today. It's Friday for the kidlets, so tomorrow will be much less productive.

But I blogged, dadnabit.

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!

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Kate Reedwood said...

It's always such a juggling act, but it seems universal that when getting up in the morning the cats get fed and cared for before everyone else, lol. And they can never decide whether they want to stay in or out.

You are awesome, Ms. Denna--for being you and all you do. For taking the time to help people, even when you are tired and don't have the time to give. For being an amazing editor and friend. The world would be a much darker place without you in it. xo