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Friday, September 7, 2012

You don't know what other people do with their time.

Soapbox moment here.

A certain someone who I follow on Twitter (and who often has informative and/or entertaining things to share) ruffled my feathers this morning, in a big way.

She's pretty proud because she's written 25k in 5 days, and expects to top 35k by day 7. Awesome. Really cool thing to share. Except she prefaces this pride by saying those people who don't have time to write simply don't make the time. Because, after all, she has a full time job and a blog. So don't tell "her" you don't have time to write.

Now, hold on here, Ms. Superpants. You have no idea what responsibilities other people take care of. Maybe they have kids. (doesn't sound like you do, since you're singing the anthem of singles everywhere, so proud of yourself for managing 1 whole fulltime job. *insert Welcome Back Kotter gang going "wooooooo!"*) Maybe they care for aging/ill family members. Maybe they--gasp--have more than 1 job, or maybe they go to school in addition to working. Perhaps they have health problems, or direct the local charity organization.

Yes, women--moms especially--are prone to putting their needs on the backburner, and often forfeiting their wants entirely. I have to make a conscious effort to claim my writing time, or it'd be taken over by cleaning bathrooms more often, mowing, painting the house, laundry, errands, you name it. I'm well aware some days I don't get time to write because of my own poor time management or lack of aggression in claiming the time. But I also know people with little kids, with businesses, with multiple jobs, with diseases like MS who impress the hell out of me when they turn out a chapter.

So in the end, I didn't unfollow Ms. Judgmental. Nor did I post a reply comment saying "You are far superior!" like I'd wanted. But it probably would've been worth it. :)

Piper Denna
Romance is sexy! --bragging is fun, judging is neither


Candice Gilmer said...

I know exactly what you mean. That's awesome that she got that much writing done, but at the same time, yeah, when you have kids or other things, as much as you want to write every day for four hours a day, or what have you, sometimes it's just not possible.

I try very hard to get at least 1500 words in a day. Some days I hit that and double it. Some days, I might be lucky to get 1K. It all is just what can be done when there's a mile long list of things to do every day.

Like today. I had errands to run all morning for my day job, and stuff to get on the home front, and usually the morning while my littlest boy is in pre-k, I save that time for writing. Today, I get all of about 15 minutes to see what I can do before having to pick him up again.

Piper Denna said...

Yep, Candice, you knew just what I was talking about! Hope you got that 15 minutes. :)

Stephanie said...

Very wrong to come down on other people cause they can't pump out that many words in a day. Even managing 500 or 200 is a challenge for some with all the other responsibilities they have...but it's SOMETHING. That is what makes a writer...people who do write..even if it's only a little. Shame on her :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sticking up for busy moms and writers everywhere!

I don't know who made that Twitter comment, but I'm hoping it was one of those moments your fingers blurt out something before your brain can say, hold it! Might want to rethink that. But then, I look for the decency in everybody. It's a flaw.

I love hanging out at #1k1hr on Twitter. Some folks only get 200 words written, and that's okay. Everyone cheers them on. Most people I've run into on that hashtag seem to understand it's not about quantity. It's about doing what you love and doing what you can.

Anyway, I enjoyed the soapbox.

Piper Denna said...

Thanks, Jessi. I've gotta remember to hit the #1k1hr and try it out!