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Monday, August 6, 2012

An Olympic swimmer and some sizzle for your summer

Coincidentally and through no pre-planning of my own (really!), my newest story, in which I have a hero who is an Olympic gold medal swimmer (read hot, hot, hottie), releases today.

Victoria's Secret Wish is here! This is book 2 of the Fantasies, Inc series, where Victoria and Brett do a little experimenting in their marriage...

The Very Awesome Maya Blake was kind enough to review an ARC, and here are her thoughts:

Miss Denna is back again with her awesome Fantasy Series! Book Two – Fantasies Inc, Victoria's Secret Wish moves the action from the mountains of Wyoming to the decks of Fantasy, Inc - Aphrodite cruise ship where, once again, all sorts of fantasies are catered for. Book One took us on a roller coaster of "will they? won't they?" between Victoria and Brett (or Britt as she affectionately calls him). I happy-sighed for them when they got their HEA, so I was a bit, okay, a lot curious to see where Miss Denna would take their story next. I wasn't disappointed.
Victoria is a self-confessed control freak (you'll have to read Book One to find out why!) and Brett is determined to make her lose control just once. Inviting another man into their marriage bed in order to push their relationship forward was always going to be a tricky proposition. David is a younger guy, a seriously hot swimmer, with a bod to die for, and a career and reputation to protect. Vic and Brett are at the stage in their marriage where trying for a baby seems the natural step. Despite these huge stumbling blocks, all three were prepared to take a chance on one another. At first, David seemed to slot in (pardon the pun) perfectly. By the end of the book, this love triangle seemed almost meant to be. I was a bit wary of how a Happy Ever After would work for this trio. Happily, the clever Miss Denna chose a Happy For Now ending that left me satisfied that they'd work out whatever road bumps that came their way.
Victoria's Secret Wish is a hot, erotic, fantastic must-read and I count myself lucky enough to have been one of the first to get my grubby little hands on it!!
And for those readers who love a bit of suspense to keep the blood boiling, our not-so-friendly stalker is back…and this time, he has an accomplice!

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